Monday, July 06, 2009

Best Obituary Ever

Christopher Hixson, Nancy Hixson's son, was kind enough to include this bit of information in the comments: This link goes to a version of the obit with page breaks.

Nancy Lee Hixson is not a name most of us recognize, but her obituary, a self-penned one, is worth reading for so many reasons. For example, her description of herself as an "indifferent housekeeper".

Then this:
"She also enjoyed a long life of unmentionable adventures and confessed she had been a rebellious teen-aged library clerk, an untalented college student on scholarship, a run-away Hippie, a stoic Sunday School teacher, a Brownie leader, a Grange lecturer, an expert rifleman, a waitress, a wife once or twice, a welder, an artist, and a writer."
I know, starting the week with an obit is not exactly the motivation boost you were looking for but this actually might do the trick. (Stop bitching and moaning about the lack of indentation in the linked page. I am sure you have Notepad or Word on your computer.)

Also, don't forget to read the guest book and also this article in the same newspaper.

Nancy Hixson, RIP.

(Link via the Blue)


Christopher Hixson said...

Thanks for the entry about my mom's obit. If you wish to link to the version with proper line breaks, use this link at the Akron Beacon Journal instead.

Mom was extraordinary, and we're happy to share her memory.

km said...

Christopher: Thanks for the link. I will make the correction.

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