Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Insert Coin To Start Game

Update: How the game came together (link to CNET)

More than anything, this one sentence from the story has got me intrigued: "Another important factor was the developers' adding the ability to include vocal harmonies as part of game play."

"Their music is so much about harmonies," he said. Adding vocal harmonies was something that had never been done in "Rock Band" before, but it was considered vital to accurately representing the Beatles' music in the game.

Great, so now we will have people pretending to play the guitar trying to sing harmony with masters of harmony-singing.


Harmonix has put up a really far out animated short film to promote the Beatles Rock Band game. (link via)

Could someone please make a Saturday morning TV cartoon show out of this? I promise to watch non-stop from 9AM until whenever, buy all your sugary crap and the video game too.


Space Bar said...

Too much only, no? Not I'm getting an XBox or a Playstation, but this is one game I could happily play.

(why would you sit in front of the Tv when you could be interactively figuring out chords with John?)

km said...

sb: "interactively figuring out chords" on Guitar Hero or Rock Band? I wish that stupid game were as interesting. (Besides, when I want to play guitar, I plug in a real guitar....)

blackmamba said...


km said...

bm: If only I could blog and play Rock Band at the same time.

Space Bar said...

do i sense a little curling of the lip here?

km said...

SB: That would the Elvis Rock Band game, no?