Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thai Fishing Trawler Does Not Know How To Give Thanks

The International Maritime Bureau has claimed that the suspected pirate vessel sunk by the Indian Navy on November 18 in the Gulf of Aden was a Thai fishing trawler.
And did a captain ever sound so sad? "The sunken ship, which the Indian navy claimed was a mothership of pirates, was not the mothership at all," he said." (Link)

Wait, wait, don't shoot!!


Tabula Rasa said...

motto for thai fishing trawlers: easy on the red curry.

km said...

No Tom Yum for you!

??! said...

Q. What's the sound of a torpedo streaking towards a Thai fishing boat?
A. Tofuuuu!

(We're all going to rot in hell)

??! said...

And why the fuck is Vishal Thapar being quoted, when he's just a bloody reporter for the channel?

they just did that without giving much thought to it
Sir? They're firing at us.
Oh, shoot!

km said...

As a meat-lover, sir, I take exception to "Tofuuuu". The correct sound is "Misss-steeeeeak".

The situation is very Dr Strangelove-ish.