Tuesday, November 04, 2008


The voting station was crammed with FIVE people. Three of them were volunteers and us two voters. There were no celebrities voting, no ballot-box capturing, no voter intimidation. Very disappointing.

I had barely come out of the booth when one of the volunteers, an old, soft-spoken woman, asked me if I had pressed the "red button". I said I did, mentally congratulated myself on making history and then panicked. Did I press the red button? Was there only one red button? I immediately retraced my step and a half to take another look at the machine.

The ugly yellow-green LCD readout at the bottom of the machine said "your vote has been recorded - thank you". There was no evil smiley face after that sentence, so I am assuming it's all good.


blackmamba said...

good job!

if you want crowds, go line up at the local starbucks for that free coffee. :) I am sure there will be a longer line there.

km said...

bm: If Barack wins, I am going to get free coffee everyday for the rest of my life.

Szerelem said...


(What would you do if Obama doeasn't win?)

km said...

szerelem: Thanks. And the answer to your very scary, hypothetical question is "a lot of illegal drugs".

Szerelem said...

Aww... well a few hours help. Looks like hypothetical scary scenario will remain hypothetical!