Wednesday, November 05, 2008

"Here Comes The Light"

"Wow. What a day! I am taking in every moment of it. This summer, I did the Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodle-oo, and crossed the "mighty" Rio Grande (it is only a stream in Albuquerque); I drove through Cherokee nation, with a Truckin'-type situation outside Oklahoma City .... on July 4, and watched the sun go down over the mountains in Yuma, AZ. I saw the America of lyric and song and I never felt more alive. Today, I am brimming with hope. Yes, I get it. The more things change etc. etc. But revolution begins with a re-valuation. I'll take my chances with this one.

Ah Mother American Night, here comes the light"
Wildflower Seed commenting on a post on TR's blog.

Thanks, Wildflower Seed. Your words summed up my sentiments perfectly.

I have been listening to Delaney and Bonnie all last week. Here's one of their best songs, a stirring soul tune called "When this battle is over". YT has a rare video of the band performing this killer track.

There's a time for cynicism and now isn't that time. Right now, I hope you turn up the volume and rest easy knowing just who's wearing the crown.

Update: Falstaff breaks into verse. The result is quite lovely.


Tabula Rasa said...

it was a great comment -- the young man really surpassed himself with that one.

as a nice coincidence, last night as mccain gave his concession speech, i was in my car listening to "wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world"...

km said...

oh yeah, the right song always works its way in.

MockTurtle said...

Bring on the circular firing squad.

km said...

MT: Sometimes the majority is right?

Anonymous said...

the cynicism driving the social engineering from the left and the right in the past and the present always make the assumption that the sway of the majority is the sway of being among the confederacy of fools. But, the problem with the Majority is that they don't know when they are being fools. They can easily identify a fool in front of them on being provided on a platter. If the neocons had run a much smarter campaign, the Majority would just as well have shown their Might.

Merry on till it lasts, folks!

km said...

Anon: "social engineering"? Pray, elaborate.