Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ringo Shows Balls; Paul Still Dead

Former Beatle Ringo Starr stormed off the set of the morning show "Live with Regis and Kelly" on Tuesday after producers attempted to cut short his musical set.
Very cool, considering that the man needs neither the money nor the attention. And if that's not rock and roll, what is?

Speaking of rock stars on television, here are two of the greatest fuck-you moments on TV:

Elvis Costello's infamous appearance on SNL. (No videos, sadly.)

Then there's Sinead tearing up the Pope's photo, again on SNL, on live TV. (The video.)


Space Bar said...

Good for him. And what do they mena, 'diva'?!

Btw, talking of Ringo, scroll down to Sacred Institutions.


Space Bar said...

I meant 'mean'. Bah!

km said...

yeah, "diva" made me chuckle. Somehow I can't picture Ringo in a sequined dress singing "My Heart Will Go On".

And that artwork you linked to - brilliant! Gracias for that link.