Saturday, January 26, 2008

Method To The Madness

"My images of Akbar and Jodhaa are from the Amar Chitra Katha and like those portrayals - Hrithik is physically very strong and has princely looks, while Aishwarya is the quintessential princess."
Umm, ok.

All that background research must have taken about two seconds. (If that. All "noble kings" in ACK looked the same, as did all "quintessential princesses".)

Someone in Bollywood should commission a Hindi version of "War and Peace". They won't even need to speed-read the book. After all, we have it from reliable sources that the book is about Russia.


Szerelem said...

Sigh, here I was thinking the fact that Irfan Habib was consulted might mean something. Obviously not.
Though in all honesty I was very skeptical of Hrithik as Akbar but he seems to pull it off. Also, in the interview Gowariker says Hamida Banu Begum was Turkish which is bosh - she was Persian. Still, I'll probably go watch it...

Falstaff said...

What a lucky break this is indeed - imagine, two bollywood actors who exactly match an established stereotype of what constitutes the strong, princely look and the princess look respectively. SUCH a coincidence!

km said...

szerelem: that's awfully brave of you. Well, tell us how you liked it.

Falstaff: not only do they match the stereotype, they also happen to be actors who can draw huge crowds. Now that's coincidence

Szerelem said...

What can I say? Trying to save other people the torture, you know.