Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dear Agony Aunt

Co-worker calls me "sunshine" and "babe". It's beginning to bother me.

P.S.: Did I mention the said co-worker is male?


Tabula Rasa said...

does he speak good english? (because then you know what's coming next.)

MockTurtle said...

Dear Jittery in Jersey,
I suggest you take it up a notch to see how he reacts. Call him "honey-buns" and if he looks at you kind of weird, then you know he was just being nice. But if he responds, then up the ante and keep playing chicken to see who blinks first.
Of course you will have to use some common sense to figure where to draw the line. The day he gooses you while you're toggling network cables you need to call HR.

km said...

TR: *shudder*

MT: Never thought I'd see the words "gooses you", "network cables" and "HR" in the same sentence.

And I am going to start with "Sweet cheeks".

??! said...


km said...

Poppet? Next thing you know, he will be asking me to pick up some milk on the way back from work.

The Anonymous said...

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Space Bar said...

look what happens when i finally get around to doing th ek post: the people who pestered me don't read it.

i'm tempted to call you sunshine but that would be all, um, moonshine, wouldn't it?

scout said...

oy romeo ke bacche. where the fuck art thou?