Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Does This Even Need A Title?

In a comment on a most enjoyable post, I alluded to a contraceptive commercial that made headlines in India in the early '90s. (That would be the Nineteen Nineties, thank you.) Naturally, I had to google for that brand right away. Oh, the places our memories take us.

The manufacturer of the contraceptive has a website. And in there is more goodness per cubic inch than there would be in a tubful of Horlicks.

As an example, the site has a message-board titled "TIT TO TOE" with a forum called "Nailed and Polished". I am sure those names tell you what's to, uh, come. Well, you would be wrong. Here's some of what you will actually find on that forum: (the forum is harmless, but the site is not safe for work.)

A girl with bad skin and a veggie fetish. You too would hurl all over your keyboard if I told you I had almond chicken for lunch today.

Then there's the patchy-haired dude, who claims to have no growth of hair "at" his "chick". Maybe should try shaving his other chick?

Madam, you shouldn't be posting on a message-board. You should be making friends with monkeys. (I know, real mature, and also, monkeys don't eat lice.)

And finally, the double-headed monster that will absolutely, completely, totally, positively reduce you to a helpless, quivering, teary-eyed mass of WTF.


??! said...

isn't it nice how dude no.1 goes "(adjacent to mouth)"?
So, we don't know where the cheek is? Or was he referring to his other one? And if he was aware of that possibility, then how in heck could he spell it wrong?

scout said...

ok. so i checked the links out. and the only thing i could think of while reading that shit was, "km, what the FUCK is WRONG with you?"

km said...

scout: I have NO idea. So you tell me.

??!: the mind boggles.

Tabula Rasa said...

it's the fact that half the good blogs have shut down, so he no longer knows where to go with his free time.

i.t said...

everyone has a fricking opinion to brandish, right?

Brown Magic said...

what scout said.

dude, what was that?

km said...

TR: and the other half doesn't update its Silk Route journey posts.

BM: back to the Adderall, then?

i.t: "brandish" is a good word, man.

Ph said...

And I thought I hadn't seen you around because you were busy with work. Tsk. Tsk. (No, this is not work).

Tabula Rasa said...

mea culpa. had a virus/spyware attack.