Friday, August 24, 2007

25, Single, Enjoys Nature Walks And Flinging Poop

Everything about the story can be deduced from this one paragraph:
"The monkeys grab their breasts, and gesture at us while pointing at their private parts. We are afraid that they will sexually harass us," said Mrs Njeri.
Damned dirty ape refuses to keep stinking paws to himself! (link to BBC)

UPDATE: More wild animals gone, er, wild

I know none of you are refreshing your browsers for updates to this rather important breaking news story, but reader "nat" posted a link in the commentspace to a similar incident involving a camel. Think I now know why they are called one-humped camels.

Question for you all: would these incidents be described as "bestiality" or "humaniality"? Think about it.


nat said...

possibly the apes took cue from the camels?

km said...

nat: sharp eye you got there, buddy. thanks.

Rahul said...

According to this article, the camel was "hand-reared". (As Scott Adams points out.)

km said...

Rahul: Bears, lions, camels, monkeys...suddenly Man doesn't look so bad himself!

Arthur Quiller Couch said...

Those Nigerian women might actually be better off than they know.
Then again, they're not in UP, so ...