Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bakin' Love

Did you know there are certain words and phrases that can "make men fall deeper in love" and that stud muffin is one of them?

If "stud muffin" will push a man over the cliff, heels under his head, into the raging sea of love, will calling him "watery oatmeal" keep him from committing to a relationship?

What about women? How do we make them fall deeper in love? "Slutty croissant" or "libidinous pastry"? What about "my kinky knish", "chaste pretzel" or "hot cross bun"?

Is there a "salacious piroshky" in your life?

Do the words "vampish vada" or "amorous samosa" mean anything to you?


??! said...

pretty pastry.
saucy salami.
chatpati chai.

Ph said...

'I'll make dinner and do the dishes,' usually works for me.

Big Wave said...

@ph - that was going to be mine. sexiest seven words in the english language, those.

Big Wave said...

@km - the rest of the list is priceless! i apologise??

Tabula Rasa said...

um, iron maiden?

??! said...

luscious lollipop.
scrumptious strudel.
precious panini.
wuffle waffle.

km said...

??!: I might actually use "wuffle waffle" :D

ph and Big Wave: yeah, nice fantasy that one.

TR: LOL....and then she whispered "Judas Priest" into my ears.

Brown Magic said...

kinky knish - that works for me.

Vik said...

i was watching mrs. doubtfire today and robin williams has a line where in he exclaims: "Well, aren't you a stud muffin!" :))

Alien said...

:-) ... i still thinking about salacious sweety ;-)

love and squalor said...

given the viral popularity of this video, I'd imagine cuppycakes is the word everyone's fallin for.

and, wow, that list seemed to gather momentum as I scrolled down but 'you're more than enough for me'? when will men stop loving self-deprecating women?

km said...

vik: i'd forgotten that! Not that I remember any film with Robin Williams in it.

alien: uh-huh.

love and squalor: 'Tube is blocked at work, but I will check that link later.