Saturday, November 26, 2005

Sabrina, Or What Rhymes With Glass

I need a Billy Wilder fix every now and then. So, couple of days ago, I rented "Sabrina" (link goes to Turner Classic Movies.) Normally, I would pick "Sunset Blvd.", but it is the start of the holiday season and dead chimps make me sad.

I love "Sabrina" for the genuine moments of surprise in the screenplay (the great Ernest Lehman wrote it. The same Mr. Lehman who also wrote North By North-West.) I love "Sabrina" for Wilder's wit and his trademark directorial touches all through the film.

Sabrina is the reason God created Film. Sabrina is the perfect excuse to build your own little temple for Billy Wilder. People of Tamil Nadu, are you listening?

Just to counter the sweetness of Sabrina, I also rented the great F.W. Murnau's Nosferatu, Which explains the smell of garlic around the house.


wildflower seed said...

Yes, I know exactly what you mean about needing a Billy Wilder fix every now and then. Wonder if you have seen Herzog's updating of Nosferatu.

km said...

I haven't seen Herr Herzog's version. Will check it out. Klaus Kinski in any role is reason enough to see the film! Huge fan of Aguirre, of course.


Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! »