Saturday, November 26, 2005

Bullock-Cart Drivers Clarify They Are Not Balloonists

"This goes to show to the world that we are not bullock cart drivers."

This week's pat-on-the-back comes from Vijaypat Singhania, who reached a new "high" in aviation. (Link goes to the Independent UK.)

Hate to break this to you Mr. Singhania, but not many people outside India think of Indians as "bullock-cart drivers". Now, they do think of us as software engineers, doctors, convenience store owners, motel owners and maybe even think of us as nation of snake-charmers and blissed-out Gurus. But not once have I encountered the question "was your grandfather a bullock-cart driver"? (In case you are wondering, no, he wasn't. He was a doctor.)

Besides, what's wrong with being a bullock-cart driver? Last time I checked, it was an honest profession.


kundalini said...


enjoyed the rock posts. see myself coming back.

km said...

Hi, Kundalini, thanks for stopping by...yeah, love my rock and roll, what can I say :)


Anonymous said...

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