Thursday, November 24, 2005

A Little Classic Rock Quiz

A question for fans of '60s rock:

(Challenge: no Googling or using the Wiki on these names. Feel free to browse through your CD or LP collection. Your MP3 collection won't save your souls.)

1. What is common to Mahatma Gandhi, Purna Das Baul, Yukteshwar Gigi, Sri Paramhamsa Yogananda, Sri Lahiri Mahasaya and Sri Mahavatara Babaji?

2. Why is Gandhi also the odd one out in this list?


wildflower seed said...

Featured on album covers?
I know Gandhi (Sgt. Pepper's) and Baul (John Wesley Harding) were, so I am extrapolating here.

km said...

Give yourself 10 bonus points, Ventilatorblues.

But why is Gandhi also the odd one out on that list? :)


wildflower seed said...

No idea.

wildflower seed said...

Oh, and would love to know the names of the albums on which these other people were featured.

km said...

Actually, all of them (with the exception of Purna Das Baul) appear on Sgt. Pepper. Gandhi's pic was eventually dropped from the final image that was used for the cover.

Partisan said...

"Why is Mahatma Gandhi the odd one out in this list?"

He was the only one the Beatles didn't meet in person?

km said...

Hey, Partisan, nice try :) but no, the answer to why Gandhi is the odd one out is in my comment above...his is the only pic that did not make it to the final cover of Sgt. Pepper. And Purna Das Baul appears on the cover of Dylan's "John Wesley Harding".


kathy said...

Hi, hope it's OK to comment, I found this post by googling ...

I am in my 50's and grew up with the photos of Sri Yukteshwar Gigi, Sri Paramhamsa Yogananda, Sri Lahiri Mahasaya and Sri Mahavatara Babaji on my mother's wall (members of SRF).

I'm also a huge fan of Dylan and the Beatles and bought Sgt. Peppers and JWH when they were first released. When I showed my Dad the JWH cover back in 1968, he said, Dylan has lookalikes for the SRF gurus in the picture.

Yogananda to the right, Yukteswar in back (the Westerner) and Lahiri Mahasaya (crossed with Babaji) on the left."

The facial structures and relative build are very similar even though the Yukteswar stand-in has no beard.

Compare the photos and the JWH album and see if you agree.

Anonymous said...

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