Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Suspicious Man Was Whistling In The Street"

Twitter in all it's time-wastey goodness.

The Greater Manchester Police has four - count 'em, gmp24_0, gmp24_1, gmp24_2, gmp24_3 - twitter feeds in which they post incidents round the clock.

A few random tweets (and they're all good, trust me):

"Call 2841 A suspicious man was whistling in the street last night in Chorlton"

"Call 2840 Youths causing annoyance, kicking a football against the wall in Stockport."

"Call 2761 Hoax 999 to police and fire - three fire engines and four police vehicles turn up. Caller taken to hospital" (WTF? Someone made a hoax call and got admitted to a hospital??)

"Call 2737 Man refuses to leave the gym in Hazel Grove - patrol attends and leaves on request"

"Call 2701 Abandoned call in Kearsley - mobile activated in owner's pocket - apology received"

Lather, rinse, refresh. This is a treasure trove.

(Via Metafilter)

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