Friday, October 08, 2010

Got You Covered

Bastard. Ozzy made me cry with his cover of John Lennon's "How". If the old waterworks need a good workout, there's also Johnny Cash, covering "In my life".

A little change in tempo, maybe?

Here's a grooovy cover of "Tomorrow never knows" by Sheila Chandra (and Monsoon). 801, a Seventies supergroup also covered TNK and it just rocks, which is only to be expected given the level of talent in the band.

Speaking of fusion, why oh why didn't Ananda Shankar, a man whose uncle had direct connections to the Beatles, try interpreting a Beatles' song? He did such a beautiful job taking on the Doors and the Stones. Can you imagine Ananda Shankar interpreting "Because"? Just thinking of the possibilities gives me the chills.

Spinner published a list of 20 "best Beatles covers". It's a good list. What you want to listen to on that list is Elliot Smith's cover of Because.

Finally, Peter Sellers, playing Richard III, singing performing "A hard day's night". If I had a time machine, I would definitely go back to a time when Peter Sellers and the Beatles occupied the same stage, thankyouverymuch.


Falstaff said...

It is a good list. Though my pick (other than the Cash, which is devastating) would be the Jeff Beck.

And only Peter Sellers could take on the Beatles and Laurence Olivier in the same performance

km said...

Beck's cover of "She's a woman" was good. But I've also begun enjoying his more recent version of "A day in the life".