Sunday, October 24, 2010

Batteries Not Included

Sony will no longer manufacture the Walkman.

Here's to that portable, shiny, anodized-metal battery-devouring monster and to the summer of 1983; a summer spent hiding from adults instructing me not to play it "so loud". (Pretty sure that a bigger part of the summer was spent begging for money or stealing loose change lying around the house to buy batteries and cassettes. Can music save my mortal soul?)


rushi said...

Totally! I remember going to bed early and hiding under the blanket with the walkman and a mix-tape! Sigh!

So what do you use these days - IPod? Do you listen online and download MP3s (iTunes, etc.)? Do you have a home stereo system as well? (Ouch, too many silly questions. Just curious... or rather being nosy!)

Psst: did you hear about the Moog Guitar?

km said...

So Moog makes guitars now? Didn't know that. Thanks for that link!