Saturday, February 27, 2010

Boies & Olson

Hands down the most fun one hour on TV last night: Bill Moyers' Journal on PBS.

Lawyers David Boies and Ted Olson were on the show (yes, the same guys who were on opposing sides for the election recount case, representing Gore and Dubya respectively). Except this time, Boies and Olson are on the same side, defending marriage equality. (Followers of technology news know Boies as the lawyer who fought the famous Microsoft antitrust case or as the lawyer who represented Napster against RIAA.)

In one hour, the two men brilliantly articulated their views on why not recognizing same-sex marriage amounted to discrimination. There was not the tiniest bit of exaggeration, FUD or condescension or animosity displayed toward the groups opposed to marriage equality. Just the facts: not allowing same-sex marriage is discrimination and discrimination is wrong.

You can watch the program and read the full transcript on PBS's website.

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