Saturday, February 13, 2010

Next (F9)

This is anarchy: "". (You can google it. It's potentially NSFW.)

The site is the creation of a Russian teenager. (Link to NYT) But it was this piece in the New York magazine that sort of brought ChatRoulette into the mainstream.

Enjoy. Or don't.

I may not have been as creative as that Russian kid but I did figure out how to turn off that sneaky piece of shit software feature called Google Buzz. (It's a tiny link at the very bottom of your Gmail page.) That must easily have been the most evil, the most insidious, the most careless software product introduction ever.


Space Bar said...

oh. was it at the bottom of the page? i turned it off from settings. it was horrible.

??! said...

Thank you!

I had all these people suddenly following me, and I wasn't even going anywhere.

km said...

??!: Good one :D

brinda said...

Thank you!! I didn't think of looking at the bottom of the page -- had NO clue how to turn the damn thing off. Am finally de-Buzzed. Thanks :-)