Sunday, March 07, 2010

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Mr. Justice?

If your house were to be burned down by a pyromaniac, would it make you buy him a lifetime's supply of blowtorches and gasoline? Probably not.

So what could this possibly mean? What reasons might there be for a victim to marry the rapist?


Anonymous said...

I agree-how can any woman want to marry a person who has been animal enough to subject her to such trauma..does not make any sense whatsoever!!

Sowmya Rao said...

hey - I only leave the below comment as I've had to sit through hours of lectures on these cases where the issue was thrashed out.

Usually in small towns or non-urban areas where a rape occurs, its almost impossible for the victime to ever get married to another man or lose the stigma attached to the incident. In cases where she becomes pregnant - the issue becomes further complicated.

There may be women who would rather marry the man who assaulted them than face a life of condemnation, stigma and lonliness.

The courts are just offering the woman a choice. I doubt theres anything wrong with the choice being offered as long as its not a mandatory pronouncement.

Further, I feel that your analogy is incorrect - when the house is burnt down - nothing remains. When a person is assaulted, unless death occurs - they're still alive and they still have to function in society. Is it not conceivable that in India, where a woman's marital status is considered to be highly indicatve of her place in society - there might be women who'd prefer this?

maybe you could draw this analogy?

If your poorly constructed house falls down, you can ask the builder to re-build the house for you?


Anonymous said...

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