Saturday, May 16, 2009

"The Interview Project"

3-5 minute conversations with regular people. That's David Lynch's latest brainchild, "The Interview Project". (Studs Terkel would have done this if YouTube was his medium.)

If the rest of the interviews (or rather, the interviewees) are anything like the first one, I am going to be watching all 121 of them.

Just one quibble: I wish Mr. Lynch (or his editors) would re-consider the use of background score. Using long, slide-guitar notes in a Southern or a rural Mid-western setting is a cliche. But using such sounds to underscore an emotional scene in an interview, like at the end of the linked video, reminds me of interviews on network TV. And I am pretty sure most fans of Lynch don't like watching interviews on network TV. But then, what do I know? Lynch knows his films.

I hope some filmmakers in India are inspired to run their own little Interview Projects and bring us conversations with "everyday Indians"; people that we don't often get to read and hear about.

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