Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Be Flat Together

A very cool experiment in the key of B flat. (Click on the "more info" on the linked page to read about the project.)

I took the Strat clip (second video in the first row), added the clarinet (third vid from the left, second row) and then pulled in that spoken-word thing (first vid, third row) and what I got was something that sounded like a Pink Floyd-ish track. (In my imagination, of course.)


??! said...

Oh this is so cool.

Ok here's mine. The xylophones as backdrop. Bring in the clarinet at 20 secs after xlyo starts. Then bring the guitar on first row at 15 secs after clarinet starts, but only at quarter volume, and only till the guitar reaches 40 secs. Then only xylo and clarinet.

fun fun fun.

km said...

??!: You are playing with volume too? Cool.