Friday, April 17, 2009

"Left In The Sun To Die"

"They say the 11-year-old was being punished by her teacher for not reciting the alphabet properly."
Oh Lord. That was her crime? She was only eleven. (Link to BBC)

There's an entire website devoted to study of such punishment. The site claims it is not designed to "promote particular opinions about corporal punishment". Ignore that for a second and let me point out an interesting observation from the site about corporal punishment in Indian schools:
"It should be noted that the phrase "corporal punishment" is being used particularly loosely in the Indian subcontinent. The "horror stories" about so-called CP that are routinely quoted in support of these various bans, involving pupils being injured by untrained angry teachers who lash out violently on the spur of the moment, have nothing to do with proper formal corporal punishment."
I agree. Bashing a child's head into a desk is not corporal punishment. Leaving a child, an epilepsy patient, out in the hot Delhi sun for 2 hours is not corporal punishment. It's your good old sick-as-fuck torture.

But "proper formal corporal punishment"? What? Is that when the teacher first instructs the class on the virtues of discipline, reads them their Rights, apologizes in advance for the pain and only then proceeds to rip the skin off their hands and legs?

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