Thursday, April 16, 2009

He Not Busy Being Born. He Busy Listening To Celine Dion

According to this article on AFP, "My way" is the top musical request at funeral services but songs like "Highway to hell" (oh yeah), "Another one bites the dust" (umm...great song, but a little too on-the-nose, isn't it?) and "Hallelujah" (of course) are also becoming popular.

Go read what else people want played at their funeral service. A little research brings up Douglas Adams' final "playlist". Classy guy, all the way.

By the way, if you don't have a deathbed playlist yet and need some inspiration, Saturday, April 18 is Record Store Day.


??! said...

That's your second death-and-its-immediate-aftermath post in a month. What gives, yo?

Szerelem said...

Another one bites the dust??!!! Ummm what is this some who wins the race of life competition?

km said...

??!: Now you got me thinking. Some introspection required there.

Szer: LOL. Or maybe life's all about your favorite mustachioed singer singing to a disco beat?