Friday, March 20, 2009

Werner Herzog's Blog - HURRAH!

Update: Well, I am now certain that the blog is a parody (but a very funny one). I don't see the Herzog writing a post titled "LOL". He might write a post called "ROL" (ranting out loud) or even "EMOL" (expressing moral outrage out loud) but LOL? No way.

The last entry on the blog dates back to December 2007, but that's ok. There's plenty of "Herzogness" around the place.

Like when he calls a studio executive "a clown in a circus of pathetic starving animals". Or when he proposes they change the name of "Tour de France" to "Fete des Imbeciles".

And remember, if you ever run into the man, DO NOT say "blah blah blah".

I am tempted to link to every single one of his posts, but let me link to just one more: LOL (Read the comments.)

Is it just me or does everyone find themselves hero-worshipping this man?

(via metafilter)


Space Bar said...

wernerherzblog it's called. :D

thanks for this! i love that man.

Anonymous said...

Oooh brilliant find!Thank you!

km said...

SB, Varali: You are welcome. But do read my disclaimer/update on the post :)

//just had to watch "Rescue Dawn" this weekend.

Anonymous said...

But that is what makes it brilliant, no? It is such a wonderfully believable parody!

Anonymous said...

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