Monday, March 23, 2009

"Benares, 1969-1971"

From a Duke University photo archive, a collection of black-and-white prints, all shot in Banaras between 1969 and 1971. All pictures by William Gedney. There are lots of pictures in the set, so let me point out some favorites. (I will not be linking to the JPEGs directly. So click on the thumbnail for a larger image.)

This one looks like the opening of some great play. If you've ever been to Banaras, you know the city has an entirely different character at dawn.

Rickshaws in the rain. A faceless man. (Probably a hot, hot summer?)

Back roads and crossroads.

And finally, two urban Banarasis doing what Banarasis love to do: talk. (Note the poster in the background which translates as "teeth make life enjoyable")


Szerelem said...

Thanks for posting KM - these are great! Also Benares has featured in a few blogs over the past few weeks with some frequency and it kills me because I have never been (though its my ancestral town) - I have been planning trips for five years now but they always just don't work out. Hopefully this year.

km said...

Szer: Benares on blogs? Got any links?

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