Monday, March 10, 2008

Everywhere I Hear The Sound Of...Wait, There Are No Marching, Charging Feet In Dharamsala

India has decided to nix the Tibetans' protest march.

Why is the Indian government suddenly worried about a protest march consisting of a mere hundred protesters? India has (so graciously) welcomed Tibetans into its borders. They have also allowed Tibetans to hold peaceful demonstrations.

So why now deny them this vital opportunity to publicize the Tibetans' frustration with China's policies?

Please visit this blog for the context and timing of this protest march. (link via Zigzackly.)


??! said...

Well, to be fair (though there's nothing fair about it), the Indian government has been stopping protests all along. They don't mind if the Tibetans stay, but any media-noticing stunts are a strict no-no. Remember when the Chinese Premier came to Bombay? The police arrested a whole bunch of protesters.

And given the recent good talks with China, the government will be even more keen to crack down and show that they're such "good allies". Hypocritical bastards, the lot of them.

km said...

I am not so sure. Haven't they allowed protest marches in the past?

This might surprise you, but I won't label the Indian government "hypocritical bastards" when it comes to this issue. For the past 5 decades, India has been the Tibetans' home away from home. That should count for something, no?

??! said...

well, that's the point. We've allowed them asylum - but that's about it. Everytime there's a protest - even a non-violent one - with the Chinese being around, they shut it down.

Seriously, what "law and order" problems were 100 people marching from Dharamshala going to evoke?