Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cinema Verite, Serial Killers, Grave Robbers

Errol and Werner have a little chat.

The conversation is riveting. You know that fantasy dinner party guest list game? My list would just be these two guys.

And speaking of Herzog, you simply *must* read this parody of Werner Herzog, hosting, of all things, a VH1 show (link to McSweeneys).


Space Bar said...

it's hilarious, isn't it? i love that man. he's totally nuts.

km said...

I was going to say "I love his work so much I'd eat my shoe for him" but then I remembered what Errol Morris did to him :)

Space Bar said...

heh! yes. you've seen it, no? i mean this is not chaplin in gold rush. this is a real unliquorice'd shoe that he wore and then dropped into a pot, and then ate. now all i need is that book.