Tuesday, December 11, 2007


After five onion parathas, two boiled eggs and two cups of tea, the soul seeks a little stimulation. So I turned to the morning papers.

India's first school shooting. A chai-walla strangles and burns a jeweler, because he (i.e., the chai-walla) could not pay back a loan (lent by the jeweler at 85% p.a.) High school kids hanging themselves over poor grades.

I love the papers' format for reporting crime stories. They recount the series of unfortunate events thrice - once in the main story, second time as a bulleted list and the third time in the form of a comic strip. But I think they are alienating a huge section of their readership that likes its news stories communicated through haiku, interpretive dance, pottery and mime.

??! has chosen me as the expert in the "classic rock/jazz/new age" music category for a fantasy blogger team. Yes, new age music. Will I also be fielding questions on World Music and Smooth Jazz? Because god knows there's nothing I like better than those genres of music. I demand an apology NOW.

Time for another cup of tea or three chikus or the obituary section.


Space Bar said...

Time for another cup of tea or three chikus or the obituary section.

Why not all of them?

??! said...

eh...anybody who talks about bands called Vampire Weekend gets my vote for New Age.

Actually, that should have been Indie.hmmm....solly unkel-ji. galti se bhool ho gayi. maafi do na?

km said...

space bar: chiku with tea, I can understand. But chiku with obits is just plain wrong. I rather enjoy the finality of an orange with my obits.

??!: hmm..hmmm...ok...agli baar aisi bhool nahin honi chahiye. Ab jao blogging karo.

??! said...

yay! unkel-ji ne maafi di.

and chiku is strictly ok. But targola....now that is yum.

Space Bar said...

new post! new post! new post!

*says your comment mafia*

??! said...

yes yes, more Bambaiya posts!

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