Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yes There Are Two Paths You Can Go By

I've decided. From here on, decisions must not arrive in pairs. Like high-ranking officers of corporations, they must not fly together. Continuity and succession, for God's sake. What if your dreams and fears died on the same day? The only thing more frustrating than having to choose is not getting to choose at all.

Decision A, the one that promises the pot of gold AND mind-numbing work must not be seen in the company of Decision B, the all-too familiar picture of penury and hardship and "happiness". All I am asking for is that these two be split up for good.

(I also suspect this: while A and B appear to be enemies in public, I think they get it on - and in the dirtiest possible way one can imagine - the moment we turn our backs to them. Bastards.)

I need a new model for decision-making; one that gives me more than two choices and because I love nothing better than a good laugh, make all decision-points totally incongruous with one another. "Here are your choices, Mr. Paganini. If you sell me your soul, you will play the violin like no one else OR if you eat your broccoli every day, I will give you 20% off on the new reclining sofa."

And why are our decisions based on simple, linear extrapolations of our worst fears (or favorite fantasies - *looking wistfully at my stock portfolio and my vast non-collection of '58 Gibsons and '67 Fenders*)?


Tabula Rasa said...

and the two paths may sometimes never meet, indeed.

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