Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gotta Run

Hee haw.

More travel. India. Anxious, not excited. No idea why. Oh I know why. I spent the entire evening in a guitar shop instead of doing my laundry and packing.

Chinese man walks into guitar store with a little girl of six or seven. He asks the muumuu-wearing woman behind the counter if she is feeling better. "Bitter?" asks the Muumuu. "No, bEtt-ah", says the man. "I am never bitter", she insists. "No, no, I said bett-ah, not bitt-ah". Sensing her dad's frustration, the little girl jumps in. With just a hint of Chinese accent in her voice, she clarified: "my daddy's accent....he is not from America".

OK, just for the record, I DO NOT care if you scored a plasma TV at 30% or even 90% off this past Friday. A little perspective, people. It's just a TV. You still have thirteen channels of shit to choose from, except that your new shit is...a lot more vivid and lifelike.

Just caught Jeff Beck playing the Crossroads Guitar Festival (on PBS). Had to google for his ridiculously talented (and young) bassist, Tal Wilkenfeld. A girl playing bass? What's this world coming to? Next they will tell me women can vote.

Here's a video of Jeff Beck playing "A Day in the Life" at this same festival. If you don't want to watch the full clip, at least listen in at 1:38 and 4:12, when Beck recreates the most memorable part of the song on his guitar.

All right. After a while, crocodiles.


Space Bar said...

oh god. this means another long, long silence, huh?

i're coming to india after all: cows on the road, no internet, and where the women know their place.

km said...

space bar: Well, I *am* excited about seeing snake charmers, naked fakirs and taking camel rides. Plus the women gotta stand up when I enter the room. Now that's how nature intended it to be. in the city that never sleeps or the city that never lets you sleep? (Bombay or Bangalore, i.e...)

Tabula Rasa said...

happy touchdowns.

Space Bar said...

km: if you're here in the next three days i'm in the city that invented CEOs. otherwise i'm in chikungunya land (hyd...trivandrum. god! veena's going to kill me!)