Friday, November 23, 2007

"When Black Friday Comes...

....I am gonna dig myself a hole, gonna lay down in it till I satisfy my soul"

Oh, I've been bad. Not even a "no updates for a week or two because of my travel schedules". To make things more interesting, I seem to have developed some allergy which makes my eyes water so profusely you would mistake them for the freaking Niagara Falls. You are all welcome to set up a souvenir shop right by my face. I've tried being on and off alcohol for the past 2 weeks - the trusted elimination method - and I know for sure that this allergy is not triggered by beer, sake, tequila shots, rum, vodka and Scotch. I even tried the good ol' herbal treatment one night and nope, there was no stopping the downpour.

But the real downside to this optical micturition is that I could be watching the crappiest generic action flick on TBS with tears in my eyes. "So sensitive, he cried when Steven Seagal shot the bad guys".

"The last time I saw you, you were only this big" is a line we have all heard before. This monster of a Great Dane next door was only this big when I saw him about 6 months ago. He is now a sombre, majestic hulk and likes nothing better than walking around the neighborhood making enormous poo-poo. God clearly has a great sense of humor.

A squirrel in the backyard is busy practicing tightrope-walking on an electric cable. He (or she*?) runs halfway across the cable, stops, looks down and then scurries to the other end. This is repeated at least six times a day. It would be a television-worthy performance if I could somehow sync up this stunt with the intro to Jethro Tull's "The Mouse Police Never Sleeps".

Can some biologist please explain this puzzling "wallendization" of the American Squirrel?

*A female squirrels with suicidal tendencies? Naaah. This one has to be a male.

Courtesy space bar (via the world's greatest radio station, WFMU), Meet the Compressed Beatles. CAUTION: It's an 84.4 MB file.


Tabula Rasa said...

sympathies on the affliction, but instead of considering these worthy potions are allergens, perhaps you should treat them as part of the cure?

Space Bar said...

you know what tallulah bankhead said about cocaine? "it's not addictive. i know. i've been taking it for years."

and that beatles thing is very interesting. have you managed to identify anything more than an occasional phrase? i wonder what it means about the music itself, when only some things are recognisable when compressed so much. no?

and get well soon!

km said...

space bar: I've managed to identify almost several intro piece, but not the subsequent songs.

TR: spoken like a true holistic medicine man :)