Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Where The Fsck did Street 13 Go?

They renamed it Frank-Zappa-Strasse after - surprise! - Frank Zappa. (Wouldn't it be fun if they named it "Frank-Zappa-Strasse" after someone else?)
The street is home to Orwo Haus, a former Communist-era film factory that now provides practice studios for more than 160 bands.

But Missus Zappa is not happy about this announcement and has threatened to sue the Frank Zappa Fan Club in Berlin that is behind the re-naming of this street.

The Zappa Fan Club ("Arf-Society") in Berlin lashed back at her with this comment:
"Mrs Zappa, we protest explicitly against the unwarrented claims you raised. As Frank would have asked, are you 'only in it for the money?'"

Oooh! An inside joke-putdown! I want to try my hand at it too.

Ok, here's one: that threat made by Zappa's wife is like a ship arriving too late to save a drowning witch.

Yeah! Take that!!


Space Bar said...

ok, i'm going to interrupt this joke-making to be a little indignant: ORWO stopped manufacturing that wonderful B&W stock to house 160 indie music bands?! What were they thinking?!

We want you back, ORWO. Zappa's wife doesn't love you anyway.

km said...

space bar: Ah. I did not realize this was the same ORWO that sold b/w films in the '70s (and the '80s perhaps?)

//remember buying another brand of b/w film called ILFORD.

Space Bar said...

ya ya...that's the ilford colour manual as well. but orwo was std until even the 90's, at least in film school. they made their last batch, sold it ftii and closed shop.

what was the indian version of b&w film stock? irma? something like that...someone jog my memory. or am i thinking of cameras? agfa? film? camera?