Friday, July 13, 2007

How One Man Is Solving The International Food Crisis

" I told my manager verrrry openly - boss, you throw monkeys, you will get peanuts".

I should have asked him the secret to getting good honey-roasted peanuts. ("first we find a big jar of honey and a gullible monkey....")

In other food-related news, I grossly violated the 5-second rule this morning. A blueberry muffin was positioned, with great care, on the arm-rest/random crap-holder between the driver's seat and the passenger's seat in the car. Did I tell you I can easily switch between breakfast, NPR, indie-rock, conference call and pranayama?

When I reached work, the mobile breakfast item was gone. I searched the entire car. It took me a good 5 minutes to find the muffin. Yes, three hundred seconds.

Breakfast never tasted so good. Of course I blew on it and even dusted it lightly with one finger. That got rid of most of the hairball.


Ph said...

Apparently everyone else had the same idea. The whole world is in NYC too. But at least there was a nice post to read at the end of the day. Thanks. :)

km said...

PH: no, no, NYC is the whole world.