Monday, July 30, 2007

Celebrity Death Trifecta Is Back

Ingmar Bergman, Tom Snyder and ?? Antonioni.

(Thanks, Falstaff)

The Trifecta is now complete.


Rahul said...

Tom Cruise?
[goes off to check]
Hm, no such luck.

Maybe it's this guy.

Falstaff said...

Is Kovacs too long ago to count?

km said...

Rahul and Falstaff:

Michel Serrault and Laszlo Kovacs are dead, which is the basic requirement for the CDT. But are they celebrity enough?

Rahul said...

Depending on whom you ask, Serrault would be more of a celebrity than Snyder.

Serrault is featured on the BBC's entertainment news page at the moment; Snyder isn't. He isn't even featured on the BBC's Americas news page.

They're in illustrious company: I hadn't heard of Snyder either.

km said...

Yeah, Snyder's not that well-known outside fans of '70s television. Did some memorable interviews with John Lennon, Charles Manson etc.

Ray said...

Bill Walsh ftw.

km said...

Ray: and there's also Chief Justice Roberts....:)

Rahul said...

Was that more trifecta? How do you complete "John Lennon, Charles Manson etc."?

And what's your answer to your original CDT?

Falstaff said...

Okay, we were all wrong.

It's Antonioni.