Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Saving The Strays In Bangalore

I hope Bangalore's city government (BBMP) considers some sensible alternatives to dealing with the city's stray dog situation. Killing them is just wrong.


GhostOfTomJoad said...

I couldn't agree more. What the hell is wrong with people?

neha vish said...

Really sad... I wish I could take all the mutts in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about this. There are humane ways of managing stray dog populations and mass killings should never happen.

km said...

ghost: Amen

Neha: And spoil them with mangoes?

Anonymous said...

Do you guys give a rat's posterior about the stray rabied beasts mauling lil children? Humane soultions to curb the menace in a woefully impoverished country like India?Dont be annoyingly impractical. Nary a chance of that. So unless this Neha person does take in all those strays(never mind her mangoes), mass elimination it must be. Although i bet the bunch of you dont really give a fuck about the alarming escalation of deaths of poor slum kids . It's the usual gripe - oh he stoned the dog yadda yadda. Repugnant this is.

km said...


First, we take a deep breath. Then we remember a simple rule: when you talk to ME on MY blog, there is no "you guys" and "bunch of you". There is just ME.

1. Thanks for stopping by and reading this post.

2. I do give a rat's posterior about little children getting mauled by dogs. I also give a dog's posterior about little rats getting mauled by children.

3. You assume that a humane solution is necessarily more impractical in its implementation. How do you know this? Do you have a PhD in Public Health? (And if you do, which I don't think is the case, I'd love to hear your views.)

4. Slum kids are indeed the ones with a *major risk* of rabies-related deaths and I do find it very sad. Slum kids are also at risk of being run down by drunk drivers. So do we just start killing Bangalore's drunk drivers? That's not a trivial point, btw.

5. If you believe killing stray dogs is the ONLY answer to the problem, well, maybe you have a valid point there, but maybe you are also limited by a lack of imagination.

6. Finally, take a very deep breath once again and re-read my very short post. I wrote "I HOPE the city government considers.." It's a HOPE, a desire, not a recommendation by a committee.

Comprehension is a beautiful thing. Try using it sometime.

Anonymous said...

Apologize. Lost my little sister to a dog bite recently. Unwarranted.Like I said- sorry.

km said...


I am *really* sorry to hear about your little sister. My sarcasm seems rather cheap at this point, and I am doubly sorry for my tone.

Anonymous said...

S'okay. My nastiness was gratuitous. I do think it a dire menace though. Sterilization is prohibitive. Never mind inoculation. And what about unrabied strays mauling little children to death?