Tuesday, May 16, 2006

No, His Name Isn't Kaplan

Dilip's post sent me searching for a shot-by-shot analysis of the famous crop-duster sequence from North By Northwest. I didn't have to go too deep into Google.

Enjoy the storyboard and learn about the suspenseful (and precise) beats of long shots, medium shots and closeups that constitute this classic sequence.


wildflower seed said...

Thanks for the storyboard link. Pretty cool.

anurag said...

Great link. Thanks.

If you go little back, we can get lots of stuff.

km said...

VB, next time you see a crop-duster, duck, then thank me.

Anurag, "little back" where? You are not suggesting time travel, are you? :)

anurag said...


here (http://faculty.cua.edu/johnsong/hitchcock/)

Dilip D'Souza said...

km, I enjoyed the storyboards so much that I then watched the sequence again in the film. Such a masterful building up of suspense! What a movie.