Friday, October 21, 2005

That Marvellous, Long-Titled Korean Film

I'm talking about this.

The film blows your mind in so many ways (the background score isn't one of them, though), but what impressed me the most was its confidence. A film with about 5 minutes of dialogue needs that quality. A film with nameless lead characters needs tons of confidence. The director must know something that we, the viewers, do not and he must be brave enough to ask us to join him for 2 hours. Without such a brave director, there would be cheap epiphanies (which reminds me - why can't I find cheap epiphones?), morals, plots, character-arcs and climaxes.

Such confidence on the part of director Kim Ki-Duk is what gives us this beauty of a film. William Goldman once said screenplays are structure. I don't believe I had really understood that line till I saw - what the heck, might as well type the whole title now - "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring". It is just terrific.


Pareshaan said...

You are right about this movie, it IS terrific.Loved your post on the two Vijays too. Thanks.

km said...

Thanks, Pareshaan (never thought those 2 words could belong in one sentence!)