Sunday, October 02, 2005

Songs I Don't Want To Hear

Bruce Springsteen's Townbound Drain: A haunting, melancholic song about a man whose life is going down the toilet.

The Beatles' Lee Shoves You: An infectious, high-energy song about a brawl in a 13th century Chinese bar.

The Doors' Fight My Lire: An epic-jam about foreign currency fluctuations and Italian nationalism.

Led Zeppelin's Hairway To Steven: Zeppelin's mysterious song about - who cares, I just like to make the devil-sign. (btw, that is a real title of a GREAT album by The Butthole Surfers)

Johnny Cash's I Lock The Wine: The Man in Black keeps his woman away from the boozin'.

Prince's When Coves Dry: The irrepressible funkster's lament on the devastating climactic changes along the lakes of Minnesota.

Elvis's Railhouse Jock: And finally, the King's unforgettable ballad about life in the railhouse as he fights the resident Jock over a girl they both love.

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J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Way cool. Phata-phati!