Monday, October 17, 2005

Interpreting The Ass

Fear not, this is a family-friendly post.

Here's an eye-opening post about the Intergalactic Battle from a blog I found via the Mothership.

I am mostly clueless about law and its implementation. But now thanks to Mandar Nalvekar and his legal-eagle buddy Amod Paranjpe, I know a little better.

The good news? The now-infamous notarized e-mail is as serious as a Nigerian 419 mail. The bad news? Interpretation of the law is still the key. Read the paragraph concerning exceptions to freedom of speech (the one that ends with "However this right is subject to the following restrictions".)

Free speech ain't a free ride, but exception-items #1 through 8 are disturbing in the power they wield.

Anyone else find it ironic that a system that judges, a system that separates every situation into two neat halves (good/bad, right/wrong) must depend on interpretation?

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