Wednesday, July 27, 2005

She must be space truckin' round the stars

At the time of the last shuttle disaster, I learnt that astronaut Kalpana Chawla was a big fan of the above-mentioned song and the band. So there was a certain sense of camraderie. Here was a babe who "rode the fireball" and liked hard rock.

So when the shuttle left Cape Canavarel yesterday, I just had to play "Space Truckin'.

It must take Jupiter-sized balls (no offense to the lady astronauts) to get into that tin can and not go completely nuts at the prospect of re-entry. There was a time when astronauts were considered true heroes and pioneers. They still are. Space travel is still a dangerous game and these crazy men and women in their magnificent machines are showing us the possibilities for the future.

Thank God we have these brave explorers and thank God we have music in our solar system.

Sidenote: Ian Paice's solo on this song must be one of the most underrated pieces of drum-work in rock history.

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