Friday, July 29, 2005

Beware: he swears

Barney belongs to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, not a zoo.

This 5-year old macaw asked a mayoress to fuck off and so as not to leave a lady vicar out, he asked her to fuck off as well. Such dislike for organized religion at such a young age!

It is clear Barney has a problem with authority figures. Why else would he refer to two policemen as "wankers" after helpfully suggesting that they too fuck off?

Barney, in case you are also intelligent enough to read blogs, know that you are not just an ordinary parrot, you are a rocker and a punk. You are holding up a furry, defiant middle finger to humanity because you believe in freedom of speech. If they think they can banish you from public areas in England, well, wankers, fuck off. You, you and you too.


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