Monday, July 25, 2005

Herbie - Fully Bribed

2005 is the Summer of Love for car companies in India and Andhra Pradesh is the new San Francisco. Everyone knows that.

But VW, seems to have taken its "Drivers Wanted" slogan a bit too seriously (link to BBC).

First the ho-hum:

"Volkswagen has paid the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh around 2 million euros
(£1.4m; $2.4m) in compensation for misdealings linked to the carmaker.

VW said former senior executive Helmuth Schuster had "deceived" officials into paying funds into a company set up to promote a VW's interests in the state. "

Now the ta-da!:

"VW personnel chief Peter Hartz stepped down earlier this month amid claims that union leaders at the firm were bribed with holidays and prostitutes."

Interesting choice of corporate gifts there. Anyone got VW's corporate mission statement handy?

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