Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Paul Simon

I'm quite enjoying the new Paul Simon song "The Afterlife" from his "So Beautiful or So What" album. An excerpt:
"Buddha and Moses and all the noses from narrow to flat, had to stand in the line, just to glimpse the divine, what you think about that?
Well it seems like our fate to suffer and wait for the knowledge we seek.
It’s all his design, no one cuts in the line, no one here likes a sneak"
With a line like "and all the noses from narrow to flat", how can I *not* buy this album? (Though I am just as impressed by the sound of the guitars on this track.)


FĂ«anor said...

I followed Simon's discography for years until he came up with that rather disastrous Capeman thing. I still haven't recovered from that. This one any better?

km said...

Feanor: Capeman was his career's nadir. "Surprise" in 2006 was a very strong return to form. But this album may well be his best since "Graceland" (or RotS).

tabula rasa said...

thanks for the reco! time to hit the record store.