Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coitus Humorous

"Christian’s manroot jumped against her thigh and she imagined it a velvet-tipped iron spear. He would render her vulnerable, she would yield, then he would conquer her with his formidable weapon!" - “Desire” - Virginia Henley
There's a tumblr blog dedicated to collecting excerpts from bad romance novels and it's called, wait for it, Bad Romance Novels. (SFW)

Let it also be known that as a English Grammar and Style Nazi, I find the use of the "!" at the end of the second sentence in the excerpted passage more objectionable than the word "manroot". Just kidding. "Manroot" is easily the worst thing in that passage, followed by "velvet-tipped iron spear".

Yeah, I'm really classing up this place.


Space Bar said...

'manroot' is a fantastic collectible word. oh, this tumblr brings it all back, those pre-exam sessions where we read these passages aloud.

km said...

Manroot reminds me of Mandrake Root. And Mandrake Roots cry :))

scout said...

This just killed 2 hours at work.

When we were little (in college), we used to borrow harlequin novels from the library. One person would be assigned to read the entire book and call upon the rest of the girls when things got 'interesting.'

We would gather round and the girl with the book would read out the interesting bits. There was a lot of discussion around throbbing members.

Good times.

km said...

@Scout: I've always wanted to name a band "The Throbbing Members". Either that or "Manhood".

Jennifer said...

Please note that the tumblr has been removed for plagiarism. The majority of the content used had been taken, without permission, from Uncle Walter's Bad Romance Novel Quotes (http://romance.unclewaltersrants.com). I hope that you will visit Uncle Walter's site and indulge yourselves with the 1,000+ quotes that Uncle Walter has collected for your reading pleasure.