Monday, February 28, 2011

Tele@60 - \m/

The Telecaster turned 60.

Sweet mother of God, it's such a great-looking guitar. How could Leo Fender have got it right so many times?

I'm always amazed at how much the look of the guitar influences the way you hear the music. Telecasters were and are popular with musicians playing country-rock, roots-rock, blues, "Americana" and that will always be the sound of "authentic" and "true" American music to me. Conversely, whenever I think of earthy, raw, organic, honest, serious rock music, something un-gimmicky and un-trendy, I can't help but picture the musician playing a Telecaster.

I'm trying hard to remember the first artist I ever completely identified with a Telecaster. Most of my guitar idols played Stratocasters or Les Pauls (or Rickenbackers), so I'm guessing it was Bruce Springsteen. (Imagine if he played a Flying V?)

(Also see this auction site that sold one of George Harrison's Telecasters from the Let it Be session. Mama. That's one beautiful Telecaster.)

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