Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Summer Swells Anon

"See this ancient riverbed", "the pretty little patter of a seaport town" and of course, "the summer swells anon*" - three of my favorite bits from a song playing non-stop here - the Decemberists' "Down by the water". Such a great song.

I'm not sure if it's the harmonies on the song (co-sung by Gillian Welch) or the REM-esque** tune and arrangement that's got me hooked. Either way, this beautiful, bright, summery (is it really swelling anon?) tune is making the nasty winter enjoyable.

* Leave it to the Decemberists to work "anon" into a song.

**I dare you not to scream "FIIIIIIIRE!" during the song.


nemhed said...

I thought the Decemberist were doing some serious REM channeling whilst recording this song until I read Peter Buck was doing guitar work for them.

km said...

nemhed: I'm glad they got Buck. That shimmering REM guitar sound has not been heard for a while now.