Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sgt. Frodo's Lonely Hearts Club Ring

Two of my favorite images from a poster contest on Super Punch celebrating what might have been one awesomely bizarre collaboration - Kubrick, Tolkien and the Beatles. (Apparently Tolkien killed the project. Thanks, JRR, for depriving the world of a Beatles film and a Kubrick film. And who knows, maybe even a great soundtrack?)

But what if the Beatles had done LoTR? Would it have spurred the Rolling Stones to do something crazier? I don't know, like maybe make a film based on Bulgakov's "The Master and Margarita"? (The connection) Who would be the ideal director for that film? Goddard? Bunuel? Fellini? (Now I'm getting giddy about an imaginary film.)


Falstaff said...

Bunuel. Godard would have made it too much about ideas, and Fellini would have added random women to flagellate the Master.

Of course, the ideal director for that movie would be Tarkovsky.

Falstaff said...

P.S. Great, now I have visions of the company sailing down the Anduin in a Yellow Submarine.

km said...

George Lucas would probably have Jar Jar Binks annoy the Master.

//Tarkovsky, but of course.

Space Bar said...

Yeah; the roles they chose for themselves also pretty apt (can't you just see John as Gollum?), but oh, man, I'm so grateful I didn't have to endure Paul as Frodo!

km said...

Paul as an Orc would have been really cool. (with "Michelle" in the background every time he appeared.)