Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bobby Charles

Call me crazy, but sometimes I feel early rock 'n roll couldn't possibly have been conceived by human beings.

I mean, what kind of genius does it take to write something like "See You Later, Alligator"? A genius like Bobby Charles.

R.I.P, Bobby.

Here's unofficial footage of him playing "Down South in New Orleans" with The Band in the Last Waltz concert. (Bobby Charles does not appear in the film, though.)

Also visit this Bobby Charles fan-site (via the one of the best fan-sites)


Rahul Siddharthan said...

Not only did they leave him out of the Last Waltz film, but the album version of that song was either very heavily overdubbed or a complete re-recording. (By the way, the complete Last Waltz soundboard is available streaming here).

km said...

Thanks for posting that stream - haven't heard that in a few months.

The session I'm trying to find is the "Bearsville sessions", featuring Bobby, the Band and other cats. (Here)

wildflower seed said...

That's some sweet footage of Bobby. Second your "feeling" (heh heh) about rock n roll. Over Christmas, a close friend gave me a Lynn Goldsmith photobook called "Rock and Roll" and I said to him - "You know, I listen to all kinds of music, but Rock and Roll is home for me, so THANKS!!!!"

km said...

WFS: Rock 'n roll *is* home. Hard to say why, but it just is. (And you got a Lynn Goldsmith book for Xmas? Sweet!)