Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Okra, Coke And A Tall Salted One

“Am I a vegetable, cold drink or lassi that he said so?” an angry Fiza said, reacting to Chand’s “badhiya cheez” comment at a crowded press conference at her flat.
I don't know what the story's about, but it must be something serious.

A person named Fiza has got to be a cold drink. Come on.


Tabula Rasa said...

ooh good one.

“He trapped me through constant SMSes, which he used to send me since 2006,” Fiza said.

- Anu mujhe apna lo varna mujhe maar do.

- Anu you don’t know how much I love you. God has created you with great love and affection. You are the ultimate jewel I possess.

and the comments!!

- Hay Indians, this is a true example, learn some thing from this. What ever happend in between Chand

- It is strange and not digestible that a government servant with legal and law post graduate could not understand the lust of one maniac.

- Don't Show your Emotion-Fiza...Go and ask the first wife of Chand i.e Seema that what was the feeling of her during your honeymonn days with Chand.

go read :-D

km said...

TR: I think he had her at "ultimate jewel". Though the "Chand/Honeymoon" connection is pretty cool too :)

Anonymous said...

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